Rain Gear Required

RainThis weekend I’m leading a three-day backpacking trip, a first for me. Until now I’ve only planned b-packing trips for myself, never for a group and I’ve never officially lead a group. And it’s going to rain, pour, possibly a gully washer, severe at times.

Gear list: umbrella-check, coloring book-check, rain jacket-check, crayons-check, rain skirt-check, water wings-check, snorkel-check, flippers-check…good to go.

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4 thoughts on “Rain Gear Required

  1. I’m thinking about going to your secret locale sometime between May 16-19. It will be my first time there and I’m wondering if you might have any pointers with regards to campsites, routes, points of interest, etc.. I usually go solo and wondered if Friday afternoon to Monday morning would be enough time to see everything. Also how crowded is it gonna be that time of year? If you have a second, please drop a line as I would really be appreciative for any pointers. Thanks.

    • Hi Josh- Friday afternoon to Monday morning will allow time to see a lot depending on your personal hiking style and pace, but to see everything and enjoy it, no it isn’t enough time. All the trails along the rim are flat, once you descend into the Gulf the trails are in good shape but portions can be rocky and very slick if wet. Water up when you can, the map will indicate where the springs are, once you’re in the Gulf and depending on how much rainfall creek beds are usually dry as the water goes underground through the sinks. I was there the first week in April this year, water was plentiful unlike in the fall. (Trip report to come).

      Camps- I like camping at Alum Gap, it’s my favorite for the view, West Colins has a great view too. All other camps are without views, but are all good camps. The one camp I’ve avoided is Saw Mill, it’s located down in the Gulf, it seems to be a wet environment and I suspect more prone to have mosquitoes in warm months. On my April trip I planned to camp at Savage Falls camp, once I got there I found there had been a fire, when the wind died down I could smell all the burn so I moved back to the camp by the Savage Rangers station until the group arrived the next morning.

      Here’s a link to the map, you can get a printed copy at one of the rangers stations when you check in. You will need to declare where you plan to camp, sometimes a ranger will come around to see if you’re where you’re suppose to be.


      feel free to contact me via email under the Disclaimer tab

  2. Thank you so much for your help. The park is so peaceful, I didn’t see a single soul the whole time I was there. It was so pretty that I decided to only explore about half of the park because I’m going to go back in 3 weeks to see the rest. Thanks again for all your tips.

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