From Me To Me

I’ll get right to the point…having a birthday in December SUX!

IMG_1218If you don’t have a December b-day you won’t understand…if you do…you know. My remedy is to buy myself exactly what I want…from me…to me. This year is it was a MLD Solomid.

IMG_1242Color matched Cuben Fiber reinforced tie out points

IMG_1241Corner tie outs with line locks

IMG_1224Inside corner hooks for anchoring MLD Innernet

IMG_1239Door buckle

IMG_1227Door snaps or Ninja Turtle?

MagnumCustom option makes sleeping on a moonlit night positively dreamy.

To all born in December…Happy Birthday…and Happy Holidays to all those born in the other eleven months of the year.  

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14 thoughts on “From Me To Me

  1. Happy Birthday! I was born in July and it always beastly hot on my birthday, but at least mid-way through the year. I can sympathize with the December blues because I gave birth to my DS 12-20. It was not fun having to hit the ground running and do Christmas with the in-laws and a five-day-old baby. It is still, well, an inconvenience to have a birthday smack in the middle of Christmas prep chaos, and have to buy twice as many gifts for the dear one. Yep, he gets cheated, though I do try. The one consolation is that through college he has always been home for his birthday.
    You have a good solution. Here’s to the prospect of 2000 miles of new adventures with the new tent. Happy dreams.

  2. Jermm – I recently got a cuben tarp that had the same line locks as an option – I chose to not use them and used an adjustable knot system instead. I used the 200 lb dyneema fishing line for the lines – see for how the knot looks – the small mesh bag is there to avoid line tangles – when packing up I butterfly and stuff each line in its own mini bag. I think this approach saves me some weight but I don’t know what the line locks would have weighed.

    • Hi HOI- long time no see. I like this type of line lock, it’s easy to adjust from inside or under the tarp if necessary, they work well with the line that ships with the MLD tarps and shelters. Other cord of the same size varies though, either slipping or too thick to adjust, I guess all cord isn’t created equal.

      • Agreed on the cordage – its how I ended up with that adjustable knot – the dyneema fishline would either jam or slip if I used the typical taut line hitch and of course the fishline is too small for the line locks you like.

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