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After five years of blogging I’m bored, blogging requires more time than I’m willing to commit. It’s time hang up my hat get out and have fun…just for me.

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Pull the Trigger

PullTriggerBack in the day “pull the trigger” usually meant fire the gun or some other mechanism or something to do with Roy Rogers horse. Today “pull the trigger” almost always means you or someone you know just bought a piece of gear via the Internet.

You know who you are…and yes I’m guilty. Recently I pulled the trigger and bought a new piece of gear. It was one of the finest pieces of gear I have ever owned…it sat inside my house for three full days and never went outside…it felt like it had been custom made just for me and the craftsmanship was superb. I had wanted it for two years; the simple fact is I did not need it. So I pulled the trigger again, this time at the local Post Office and returned it…unused…I have no regrets.


Back in Replacing Gear – Part One I talked about replacing gear out of need; the example I used was replacing my empty Mini Bic lighter. I bought a new Bic Clic Mini Electronic with piezo igniter and affectionately referred to it as NEW HOT THANG OF BEAUTY and it was. As I described the new HOT THANG had a different push thingy that is supposed to be thumb friendly, at the time it was kinda hard to push requiring more thumb force unlike the Mini and Classic Bics. At the time I suspected it to be some sort of child safety device and hoped it would it get easier the more I used it. Well it didn’t and it annoyed me to no end… sometimes…no most of the time it required two strikes before it would light. Continue reading

Replacing Gear ­– Part One

Replacing gear can sometimes be a daunting task with many hours of internet research; trips to the local outfitter and reading gear reviews…it can be down right stressful. Then there’s the gear that is purchased under an impulse decision, I’ll talk about that in Part 2.

The most obvious reason for replacing gear is, it is worn out from years of use and the many trail miles. A few of the most likely reasons someone replaces gear is, it is no longer the coolest, it’s no longer the lightest, it isn’t the latest and greatest or possibly you’re suffering from Hiking Pal Peer Pressure Syndrome HPPPS. I’ll admit to being guilty to one or more of these reasons. Continue reading

DIY — Waterspout

Recently I saw this waterspout tip floating around on Facebook, it’s from my old blog a few years back.

WaterFilling your water container can be difficult when there isn’t enough clearance for you to get the edge of the container under the flow?  When water levels are low the flow doesn’t always shoot out far enough to catch the water, it rolls around the contour of the rock making it nearly impossible to fill a bottle or bladder. Altering the flow is an easy fix by using the windscreen from your cook kit; or anything flat that won’t absorb water will work, even a broad leaf.

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