Gear Lists

‘Tis the season for gear lists, it’s hard to find a blog or FB page of a backpacker without a gear list. I’ve never posted one, no particular reason that I know of just haven’t. I pretty much use the same gear regardless of season, only adding insulation layers for colder months. So with a 6-day trip coming up I decided to post “What’s In My Pack” aka the gear list. This is the gear I’ll be carrying on an upcoming trip, I will carry a few small items not included in this list, in order to not visually clutter it up I left them off, besides who wants to read about TP, however everything I will carry is included in the PBW (pack base weight) non consumables.

The trip is in the Great Smoky Mountains NP, expected temperatures L-low/mid 40’s, H- upper 60’s, slight chance of rain on the first day (as of the time this list post). Elevation- 1,650’-5,842’ above sea level, nothing extreme or technical.

Rather than post the expected grey matter, sorry guys no offense intended to all who choose to use Excel…but it’s boring. I decided to take a different approach to my gear list; you have to admit it’s more interesting than data, charts and graphs.

PBW – 10.66 pounds

I could easily shave it down by another pound or more, but to paraphrase Carol Crocker “I’m not attending a Suffer-fest”.


Okay guys, I won’t tolerate foul language, keep it clean or go elsewhere.  



Three Plus Days at Savage Gulf

IMG_1764Along the southern edge of the Cumberland Plateau in TN lies an area known as South Cumberland Recreational Area. The SCRA encompasses Savage Gulf and the Fiery Gizzard Natural Area­, gotta love the names of these lands. I’ve hiked both areas several times and always in late fall for the spectacular fall foliage color. Last fall I began wondering what Savage Gulf would look like if stripped of all the leaves…I knew a springtime trip was in order. Continue reading

Rain Gear Required

RainThis weekend I’m leading a three-day backpacking trip, a first for me. Until now I’ve only planned b-packing trips for myself, never for a group and I’ve never officially lead a group. And it’s going to rain, pour, possibly a gully washer, severe at times.

Gear list: umbrella-check, coloring book-check, rain jacket-check, crayons-check, rain skirt-check, water wings-check, snorkel-check, flippers-check…good to go.