Water Bags — They Don’t Last Forever

BladderManI’ve had the same Nalgene wide mouth 1.5-liter soft-sided cantene since 2009, I have no idea how many trips it has gone on or how liters of water it has carried. I like the wide mouth bag during the winter for faster fill ups and I can stand it on the lid so the water doesn’t freeze around the mouth. I’ve used small mouth soft bags like Platypus and Evernew, lighter, but I go back to the wide mouth version for faster fill ups…I guess I don’t like squatting next to water and waiting for a fill up. Continue reading

Gear Lists

‘Tis the season for gear lists, it’s hard to find a blog or FB page of a backpacker without a gear list. I’ve never posted one, no particular reason that I know of just haven’t. I pretty much use the same gear regardless of season, only adding insulation layers for colder months. So with a trip coming up I decided to post “What’s In My Pack” aka the gear list. This is the gear I’ll be carrying on an upcoming trip, I will carry a few small items not included in this list, in order to not visually clutter it up I left them off, besides who wants to read about TP, however everything I will carry is included in the PBW (pack base weight) non consumables. Continue reading